Metals have an outer electronic configuration of 1,2, or 3  Why does boron have an outer electronic configuration of 3 and still is considered as a metalloid

cgrant2 | Student

Metalloids are a mix between metals and non-metals because they have properties of both. Elements are not characterized by their electron configuration in terms of metals and non-metals. There are many factors that contributes to making an element a non-metal, metal, or metalloid. This has to do with how many electrons are in the element's outer shell.  Metalloids are in between non-metals and metals in terms of ionization (ability to donate an electron) and electronegativity (ability to accept an electron). Metals have high ionization energies and low electronegativity. Non-metals have low ionization energies and high electronegativity.Metalloids can form covalent bonds or ionic bonds  depending on the element they react with. Most of the metals have s,p,d,f orbitals. Metalloids have p orbitals in their outer shell. Boron has properies that resembles a metal and non-metal. 

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