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I wonder if you are referring to Heavy Metal Therapy, or Chelation Therapy, for treating autism. It is the typical cure for mercury, arsenic or lead poisoning, but lately there has been some controversy about it being used to treat and cure autism. Here is a link:
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Some science studies have indicated that those who wear copper bracelets might be absorbing copper more efficiently than those who ingest copper. Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is and enzyme that reduces pain and inflammation and it appears to be dependent on the copper within our bodies to reproduce more SOD.

A copper bracelet conducts high levels of both electrical and thermal elements. When the body absorbs the copper from these items a similar relief as comparable to applying heat can be achieved.Therefore, copper wristbands can be highly effective in counteracting the effects of inflammatory conditions.

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Since ancient time, many types of minerals and metals are being used in curing different types of diseases. However almost metals and minerals are poisonous when they are used directly and in unpurified forms. So these are purified first and than, used as medicine. These are more effective and are used in a very minute amount. These are passed through extensive processing before they are declared fit for internal use. The metals, gems and minerals are first purified and then burnt several times and converted to ash.

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In recent years it has been shown that by placing a piece of copper, gold, zinc and lead on human skin, it has been a change of electric potential of the skin there, and the current flows from metal to the skin. By using silver and tin, potentials are reversed: the current flows from the skin to the metal .

That's why it is recommended not to wear at the same time gold and silver jewelries.

By applying a piece of metal on the active points of the channels, on their projections and organs in the feet or hands,it can supply the inadequacy or remove excess energy from an organ.