As a metal it should satisfy all the properties of a metal.But why MERCURY is a metal which is not satisfying all the properties of a metal?

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I'm not sure what property you are referring to?  Mercury meets all properties of being a metal.  It is the only metal that is at a liquid form at normal temperatures on a account of its exceptionally low melting point of -39 degrees Celsius (-38 degrees Fahrenheit), but being a solid isn't a necessary requirement of a metal.  It also isn't the only liquid metal.  Francium, cesium and gallium all melt at around or just above room temperature.

For the most part, metals are highly conductive, electrically and thermally, and are shiny.  Most of high densities, but not all of them do.  Metals are also ductile.  These are all properties of mercury.

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Because it stays liquid at room temperature and is the only known metal to do so 

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Mercury does not satisfy all the conditions of a metal because it remains liquid at room temperature.