What is basic information processing tasks as it relates to ICT?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are four stages that comprise Information processing tasks as they relate to ICT and they include:

  • Encoding: This is the collection and representation of information
  • Storage: This is the saving of data and information
  • Retrieval: This refers to providing the information when required
  • Control: This refers to how and when the information will be relayed through the system

Generally ICT equipments receive data through input devices. This data is then received by the central processing unit (CPU) which manipulates the data into usable information. This information can then be accessed by users through output devices. This information can be stored for future retrieval either internally or externally in a storage unit. Internal ICT memory refers to the memory which can hold data temporarily, while external storage refers to memory that stores information for a longer period of time or permanently.