A Mercy Questions and Answers
by Toni Morrison

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a mercy chapter by chapter analysis 

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Here is a brief summary of the book. Feel free to check out the eNotes Study Guide on this work for more detailed information about the characters and themes in this work.

Chapter 1: We are in the seventeenth century at the beginning of slavery in America. We are introduced to the main character, Florens, a 16-year-old slave who was recently purchased and separated from her mother. 

Chapter 2: We are introduced to Jacob Vaark, Florens' owner. He has sympathy for orphaned slaves and owns two other girls who have lost their families.

Chapter 3: Florens is addressing her lover, a free African blacksmith who works for Vaark. Jacob dies from smallpox and his wife discovers sores in her mouth that lead her to quarantine everyone on the estate. Rebekka, Vaark's wife, sends Florens to fetch the blacksmith. He has medical knowledge and might be able to help.

Chapters 4-5: Lina, one of Vaark's orphan slaves, recounts her time at the Vaark estate. Jacob and Rebekka's children have all died early....

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