If Mercutio became a real person and wrote a diary, what would he write as a response to the happenings in Act 2.

Expert Answers
noahvox2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dear Diary:

That party last night was pretty sweet, but I still think that my friend Romeo has got it bad for Rosaline. He has been hanging around the Capulets' house a lot, though. What's up with that? That's where we found him earlier today. It looked like he had been up all night; I don't even think he went home. He was probably fooling around with Rosaline. Dude, she is a "pale hard-hearted wench".

Romeo better get his head together, though. Tybalt, that "prince of cats," has challenged him to a duel. Given Romeo's situation with Rosaline, though, he's practically dead already.

We also ran into a nurse today from the house of Capulet. Boy, what a nut. She did talk for a while with Romeo, though. I wonder what that was about. This is getting really weird. Romeo's done some strange things before, but surely he can't be thinking about getting married to a Capulet. That would be insane!