In The Merchant of Venice, what can be said about Belmont?

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According to Dr. Noemi Magri, a Shakespearean scholar, a lot can be said about Belmont, a place described in The Merchant of Venice as a beautiful port city on the Adriatic coast of Italy. According to Dr. Magri, Belmont is a real place, identifiable by various geographic details mentioned in the play. As well, Belmont, spelled 'Belmonte' appears in Shakespeare's main source for the play, a novella written by Giovanni Fiorentino in 1378, which attests to the real existence of the place.

Dr. Magri makes these assertions in order for readers and audience members to understand that Shakespeare did not invent Belmont. As well, Dr. Magri states that Shakespeare's discussion of Belmont in the play, in terms of geographical detail, reveals that he understood more about Venice and Venetian society than...

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