Lord of the Flies Questions and Answers
by William Golding

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Is it mentioned that piggy is far- or nearsighted?

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Great question! If one goes by the fact that Piggy 's glasses provide fire, one could assume that he is nearsighted because the glasses are powerful enough to act as a magnifying glass that provides the heat to begin fire. However, Piggy also represents the only "adult" viewpoint on the island, so some my assume that he is farsighted, in that adults can metaphorically "see farther than children" - but a closer examination reveals Golding's major premise. Ironically, it is the adults who have caused the war which has precipitated the boys' current situation. It is an adult casualty that sits atop the mountain, dead, and fearsome, even...

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happycatbasket | Student

Piggy was far-sighted because the children were able to start a fire with the glasses.  The lense capable of starting fires are lenses made for far sighted people also known as Convex Lenses.  Convex lenses are used to converge light.