Discuss a product placement of a recent film that really fit the story.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that The Social Network is probably one of the strongest and most relevant examples of product placement.  The film is about the development and creation of Facebook. However, the facebook brand is throughout the film.  On some levels, the film subconsciously advances the product.  One cannot divorce what is seen in the film with how facebook, as an entity, exists.  The historical nature of the film in terms of tracing the development of the company and the challenges faced in sustaining also helps to "push" the product.  Upon leaving the film, one feels inextricably linked to facebook and using it almost enhances one's grasp of it because of the presumption that some level of background knowledge is understood as a result of the film.  The product placement is evident in the biopic nature of the film's topic.  In making a film on the topic, the product is the center of the film.  Given the fact that the product is something in massive use today in the world of social networking, the film, deliberately or not, succeeds in enabling the product to permeate the consumer and become subsumed with it, or at the very least, interact with the product in a more than surface manner.