Mention and explain the duties of the registered nurses in a newborn nursery?

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There are multiple types of nurses who work in a labor and delivery unit of a hospital. Most nurses in Labor and Delivery do not only work with newborns, but with the mother prior and following delivery. The following nurses can be found in Labor and Delivery:

1. Antepartum Nurse – This nurse provides care to patients who have complications during pregnancy which require hospitalization.

2. L&D Nurse – This nurse provides care to those in labor (uncomplicated or complicated deliveries).

3. Circulating Nurse – This nurse manages how the patient is cared for in the Operating Room (for cesarean deliveries).

4. Postpartum Nurse – This nurse provides care to those who have just delivered their child/children.

There are also three types of nurses specific to the care of the newborn. All are called neonatal nurses and are separated into three different levels: level 1, level 2, and level 3.

Level 1 are those nurses who are responsible for the care of healthy newborn babies.

Level 2 are those nurses whose job is solely to care for preemies or newborns whom are expected to get sick.

Level 3 are those nurses who care for newborn babies in need of critical care and attention.