Mention the circumstances and the reasons that led to the crucifixion in the Japanese Medieval Period.Answer this question in brief.

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I have modified your question in such a way that I hope makes sense.

Crucifixion was practiced in Tokugawa, Japan as a way of executing convicted persons and at the same time holding them up to public ridicule, presumably as a warning to others. Prior to this time, there had been no capital punishment in Japan other than an order for samurai knights to commit ritual suicide (seppuku.) There is some argument that Japanese noblemen learned of the practice from Christian missionaries, who certainly did not intend for the Japanese to accept it in that fashion; in fact a number of those crucified were Europeans who landed in Japan despite warnings to stay away. Although Japanese crucifixion was similar to that practiced in ancient Europe, they Japanese added a special tortuous element by sending two men with spears to circle the condemned person on the cross and slice into his body while walking around the cross.  

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