Mention two ways in which Napoleon and Squealer control/distort information in Chapter 8 of Animal Farm.

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The windmill is destroyed for a second time. This time, humans from Frederick, blow it up. The animals are enraged and they attack the humans, but the battle is very costly. Even Napoleon's tail is hurt. When they look back at the windmill, everything is gone. However, Squealer calls this a "great victory" and names the fight the "Battle of the Windmill". That evening, the pigs discover whiskey. After a drunken night, Napoleon has such a terrible hangover that Squealer tells the animals Napoleon is close to death. But, as his hangover subsides, he sends Whymper into town to get books on how to make alcohol. The next night, Squealer is discovered rewriting another commandment. The fifth commandment now reads, " No animal shall drink alcohol to excess." (The last two words have been added.)

lit24 | Student

1. On Sunday mornings Squealer would address the animals holding a piece of paper in hisĀ  hands and blatantly lie to them that the production of every type of food stuff had increased many times over. The situation was such that the animals had no choice but to stoically believe Squealer's lies.

2. Squealer would shed crocodile tears whenever he praised Napoleon to create the false impression amongst the animals that Napoleon was a noble and generous soul. Soon "it had become usual to give Napoleon the credit for every successful achievement and every stroke of good fortune."