Mensuration problem: IGCSE MathematicsPlease answer me question number 10 on page 211 from following web address...

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The figure shows that the height of the cylinder is equal to the diameter of the sphere.

The volume of the cylinder is V = Area of the base*height

The base of cylinder is a circle. The radius of this circle is equal to the radius of the sphere.

`V = pi*r^2*(2r) =gt V = 2pi*r^3`

The volume of the sphere is `V_1 = 4pi*r^3/3`

Calculating the ratio of their volumes yields:

`V/(V_1) = (2pi*r^3)/((4pi*r^3)/3)`

Reducing by `2pi*r^3`  yields: `V/(V_1) = 3/2`

The ratio of the volumes is: volume of cylinder:volume of sphere=3:2.