Melanie is tired of all the time. No matter how much rest she gets or how much food she takes in, she does not have energy. Which organelle malfunctioning in Melanie's cells?

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Our energy comes from ATP.  This is produced in our mitochondria in our cells.  This could be the issue with Melanie.

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The disease that affects mithocondria organelles makes the cell to lose their ability to produce energy within the cell. Therefore Melanie may experience a very rare disease, which is known as mithocondrial disease, whose symptom, among many others, is the constant fatigue.

To diagnose this disease, the following symptoms are relevant, too:

- neurological symptoms: seizures, ataxia, migraine headaches, deafness

- digestive symptoms:diabetes mellitus, hepatopathy and dysmotility

- cardiomyopathy