if a medium pizza costs $5 and a large pizza cost $8 what is the equation in standard form that that models the possible combinations if i have $40.  Let m =  medium and l - large. Show all steps.

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`m=` number of medium pizzas

`l=` number of large pizzas

Since medium pizza costs $5 and large costs $8 you have $40 to spend your equation is


Note that both `m` and `l` must be positive integers. 

Possible solutions are `(m,l)=(8,0)` and `(m,l)=(0,5).`   

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Standard form follows Ax+By=C, whereas A, B, and C are integers while x and y are variables. With that said, using the information you gave, your scenario in standard form would be:

5m+8l=40, where m=# of medium pizzas bought, and l=# of large pizzas bought

To figure out possible combinations, you can plug different numbers into m and then solve for l, or vice versa.  You can also graph the equation by plotting out the y-intercept (x=0) and then the x-intercept (y=0), and making a line connecting the two dots, or by rewriting the equation in slope-intercept form and graphing based off of that. In all scenarios, combinations only work if the both variables are whole numbers and non-negative.

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those are the possible cominations