A mechanic uses 36 000 cm3 of oil to fill a tank which is in the shape of a rectangular prism. The base of the tank measures 30 cm by 20 cm.What is the height of the tank?

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The formula for volume of a rectangular prism is `V= l times w times h`

As we have the volume already, we will manipulate the formula to find the height:

`V/(l times w) = h`

Now substitute the values we have been given:

`therefore 36000/(30 times 20) = h`

`therefore 36000/600 =h`

`therefore h=60cm`

Ans: The height of the tank is 60cm

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36 000 cm3 / 30 x 20 = 36,000 / 600 = 60

the height is 60cm