What is the meaning of "A Wife's Story"?

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One of the themes Bharati Mukherjee writes about are Indian women and their struggles with abusive men who too caught up in their own lives to give proper attention and love to their own families: their wives and children.  Mukherjee also speaks to the themes of migration, and alienation experienced by expatriates.

In "A Wife's Story," the main character is a woman named Dimple.  Dimple enters into an arranged marriage with an engineer named Ami Basu.  Dimple attempts to the a good, traditional wife.

She and her husband emigrate to the United States from India.  In their new life in a strange land, they are confronted with a world not at all like the one from which they have come.  In frustration, Ami becomes abusive toward Dimple. Fearful and unstable, Dimple murders her husband.  Ultimately, she commits suicide.

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