Meaning of quote "I do, Sister, I pray all the time to know His will so it can be done" from the book, In the Time of the Butterflies.

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This is Patria Mercedes, as a young teenager at Imaculada School, talking to Sor Asunción.  The Sister is trying to counsel Patria, who is a model student at the school, to hear the call of God.

Patria, the eldest of the four Mirabal sisters, hadn't wanted to go to school away from home.  It had been Minerva's idea, and in order for Minerva to go Patria, the eldest, had to go, too.  In the environment of the convent, Patria's great faith was encouraged.  She sincerely heard the call of God, and she probably would have been a good and very contented nun.  If she had been a nun, then there would have been no chance that she would have been assasinated with two of her sisters.

Sor Asuncion knows that Patria hears the call to the vocation, and she tries to encourage her.  But for some reason Patria decides to go back home, and marry Pedrito when she is only 16.  Why she did so is really a mystery -- she never directly explains to the reader.  She says she loves Pedrito, but he is a difficult, somewhat ignorant farmer, but Patria turns away from the religious life and becomes a wife and mother.

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