What is the meaning of the following quote taken from Hamid's The Reluctant Fundamentalist?“I do, however, remember becoming annoyed at one point" (54).

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The Pakistani man named Changez is at his friend Erica's house for dinner. Her father says a few things that are insensitive and ignorant to Changez's homeland and people. Before telling his American guest about what occurred during the dinner, he prefaces it with this statement of him becoming annoyed by her father's comments. He relates the father's comments to someone who only understands what is going on in other people's countries from just reading headlines rather than actually finishing the article. Basically, he says that her father knew a bit about what he was speaking, but he didn't have the personal experience or in-depth knowledge really to be saying the things that he did; and that's why Changez became annoyed with the discussion.


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