Discuss the meaning of the following quote from The Reluctant Fundamentalist:“… I knew in my senior year that I was something special… I was confident of getting any job I wanted.” (5)

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is another quote from Changez's early portion of his life, where he fully embraced and accepted what it was to be a foreign student successfully competing in America.  The American Myth for those who have seen it from abroad is that those who come to America and are willing to work will find no ceiling to their success.  It is in this vein where Changez's selected quote has meaning.  Changez's successful course of study in Princeton has enabled him to be in the position to choose whichever job he wanted.  At this point in the narrative, Changez fully accepts the opportunity ideology that is part of America and part of what drives him.  Changez fully immersed himself in this idea, compelling him to believe that only his own work ethic is what challenges him.  This is reflected in his "confident" stance about his future and his place in choosing it.  This is also seen in the idea of being "special."  In both of these ideas there is a complete sense of accepting only the limitations that he places on himself as part of his narrative in America, something that is interesting to note especially by the end of the narrative.