"Life itself is offensive and certainly does not apologise - in fact, it hurts considerably and as well all know is often very rude and troublesome." Meaning?  

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As you can imagine, there will be differences of opinion when it comes to the interpretation of quotes. Here is my interpretation.

First, there is an acknowledgement that life is harsh at times. In fact, life is personified and it does not apologize. What makes matters worse is that life is often rude and troublesome. In light of this, there is a belief system here that a person must just accept what happens in life and just move on.

Second, a person should not expect hand outs or even people to help. If this happens, fine, but do not expect it. A person who sees life for what it is can endure and nothing will take that person by surprise. This quote almost reminds me of Roman Stoicism. A person tries to be impermeable when it comes to the misfortunes of life.