What is the meaning of the term "American Society" as pertains to The Man to Send Rainclouds?

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The term "American society" is a broad term refering to the general reality of the peoples and lifestyle in America, the United States. It is a general descriptive term that skips over the specialized experiences of groups within American society and only pertains to an homogenized generalization of the experience of educated, successful working blue- and white-collar individuals who are usually urban (city) dwellers. In the same way that specialized groups within American society are skipped over, for example the Hasidic Jews in New York who arrange aspects of their lives according to the sunrise and sunset, individual experiences are also skipped over. An illustrative example of this might be the hypothesized experience of the only African-American male student in a rural (country) school in Idaho or Utah. This term applies to  Leslie Marmon Silko's story The Man to Send Rainclouds in that the Pueblo Indians in the American Southwest are one of the groups that cannot be homogenized into the generalized idea of American society and has therefore been skipped over in descriptions of American society. Additionally, the experiences of individuals within the Pueblo tribes have been skipped and left out of this description, individuals such as Father Paul, Teofilo and Leon.

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