mcdonald's death is the rebirth of a new macbeth a recarinated devil? discussi want my answer to be explained with the help of quotation .

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eabettencourt eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an interesting hypothesis.  MacDonwald is killed by Macbeth early on in the play.  A captain recounts the story of the battle to King Duncan, depicting Macbeth as a fearless war hero who was basically untouchable.  Perhaps Macbeth is "reborn" as you say after defeating MacDonwald, but I'm not sure this is the beginning of his devilish behavior, for it can certainly be argued that he did not murder MacDonwald; he killed him in battle.  Yes, he did so gruesomely, but the hand-to-hand combat of that era would have been so.  It may be easier to argue that Macbeth is "reborn" once the first prediction of the witches comes true, for this is when he first begins thinking of murder.

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