So maybe life is just truly INSANE with long horrible fits of SANITY that we struggle to maintain.... Gotta go feed the beasts. Best. hello everyone. This is from I'm just wondering what do you make out of it? Considering that Mr.Stallone is simply stating his own thoughts after having read one of Edgar Alan Poe's works saying "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.", his tweet still sounds difficult  for me to understand. I kind of sense what he wants to say, but am not grasping the whole meaning clearly.Though English is second language, my understanding is this:Life may be insane if being sane drives you out your mind. I'd like to know what native speaker of English would make his or her understanding of this tweet. Why do I wanna know Mr.Stallone's tweet? Because I'm huge fan of his and translating his tweets into Japanese. Your help is very appreciated. Thank you!!! Shin    

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I think that the sense of what Mr. Stallone is saying is more to the effect that life itself is insane, and interspersed with only short periods of sanity. We who are living, then, struggle everyday to hold onto those periods of sanity, and not stay too long in the insanity that characterizes most of what life is. Interpreting it this way, Stallone's statement would communicate an element of dubious reassurance to Poe that, hey, don't feel you are alone, by becoming insane you have only discovered what life is really all about.

An interesting part of Stallone's statement, if you look at it very closely, is the word "horrible;" he calls the times, or "fits" of sanity, horrible. This might imply that he thinks the "fits of sanity" are ironically not much better than the times of insanity, perhaps because when one is sane, one sees how awful the other part of life, which is insane, really is.

I think in looking at the statement, one has to remember that, unlike a poet's work, which is characteristically carefully thought out when rendered (although I know it can be argued that this is not always true), a tweet is a more spontaneous expression of what is on one's mind. It may be that in analyzing Mr. Stallone's tweet so closely, one might be ascribing meanings and motivations to it which are not really there.

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