In Othello, what would be a good example of an introductory paragraph on the topic of how Othello portrays the aspects of a tragic hero?

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When considering an introductory paragraph, think about your intention.

  • You want the reader to be interested and intrigued enough to read on.
  • You want the purpose of your essay to be clear by the time your introductory paragraph is finished.
  • You need to state your well-planned thesis statement

In your introductory paragraph then, you should state what is required to be a tragic hero, most importantly, that fatal flaw that all tragic heroes possess.

Othello's jealousy will be his downfall. He has established himself in venetian society and is well-respected for his achievements on the battlefield. As much as he shows his confidence and pride, he is always conscious of his background - always needing to reassure himself and others, that he has earned his place in Venice.This is why he thinks he has found an ally in Iago 

Iago is most honest

Hence, when writing your introductory paragraph consider Othello's rise and fall from grace:

From a place of honor, the hero has fallen through some tragic flaw. In this case, the fatal flaw is jealousy, the “green-eyed monster.”

You could begin your essay something like this:

Every tragic hero has a promising future before some fatal flaw in his (or her) character obsesses and envelops all his actions. Othello is no exception to this and we are introduced to a genuine character who is determined to prove his worth as a husband and noble soldier by speaking of his exploits. He

will a round unvarnished tale deliver

to prove his mettle. Unfortunately, his position is tenuous as he is easily misled when circumstance convinces him. He is so affected by honor and reputation that Iago's 'seed of doubt'  - Desdemona did indeed 'betray' her father by marrying Othello- is enough to set the plot and begin Othello's  dark descent.

Remember that your thesis statement needs to conclude this paragraph:

Conflicting emotions, suspicious natures and feelings of betrayal lead to the ultimate - revenge. The tragic hero, full of promise, certainly falls victim to his own failings and uncertainties in his inevitable destruction.  



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