How do I write a story in which I compare and evaluate choices?I want to write a story about a time I had to make a choice between two things I really wanted and I chose the wrong thing.

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Your question does not address a particular book, so I assume it does not specfically involve The Middleman. Your question concerns a more general way to approach a writing prompt. We are often in situations when our actions depend upon making a choice between two different ways to respond to the situation.  For example, once I found a twenty dollar bill in a the parking lot outside a theater.  I had a choice:  I could pick up the money, keep it, and buy extra popcorn and candy, or I could take the money to the manager and ask him/her if anyone had enquired about a lost $20 bill. In the first case, I would be happy because I would have more fun spending the money, but in the second case I would feel better that the person who lost the money might get it back. Even more, that person might have needed the money for groceries or gasoline.  The story, or narrative, I would write about this choice would include the action and description of going to the theater, the choice itself, what went through my mind in making the choice, comparing the choices, and then my decision and my response to that. If I chose the wrong thing, I would need to say why I thought it was the wrong choice. Do lots of pre-writing and thinking before you begin so that your essay is honest, for that will make it better. The link below takes you to a discussion about writing that might be of help

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