How does Anne's entry on May 1, 1943 take stock of their situation in The Diary of Anne Frank?

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The situation is getting worse for all of Holland and for the families in hiding.

In this entry we learn things about the situation of the Franks and the rest of the ones in hiding as well as the situation in general.  Dussel has been hoarding food and does not share the presents he gets.  Everyone lives on very little, so this is serious.  The family also has to wash their hair with industrial cleaner and comb their hair with a comb with only ten teeth left.  As bad as that is, things are bad outside as well.

All of Holland is being punished for the workers' strikes. Martial law has been declared, and everyone is going to get one less butter coupon. What naughty children. (SATURDAY, MAY 1, 1943)

This demonstrates that the Nazis are cracking down, and Jews in hiding are not the only ones to go without.  Things go from bad to worse inside and outside, and the tension is beginning to get to people.  Anne’s comment about “naughty children” shows how unfair she believes the situation is, as when she made the argument that the grown-ups started the war and the children were suffering for it.

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