The maximum amount a picture hook can hold is 5 kilograms. Can Jamie hang a picture that has a mass of 4600 grams on the hook? Explain.

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To answer the question we need to convert the kilograms into grams so that we can compare the two quantities. 

`1kg = 1000 g`

`therefore 5kg = 5 times 1000 = 5000 g`

As the picture hook can hold a maximum of 5 kg which we know is 5 000 g, the picture of 4 600 g can be hung on the hook because it is less than 5 000 g. 

Ans: Yes, Jamie can hang a picture that has a mass of 4600 grams on the hook. 

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The above answer is one way to solve it. You can also make a proportion to make it easier to solve. 


The 1 is the 1 kg. The x is how many kgs are in 4600 grams. Since we have to make both units the same, we can cross multiply and solve.




Since the hook can hold at most 5 kgs and we found the answer to be 4.6 kgs, then Yes Jamie can hang the picture.  

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