Maus Questions and Answers
by Art Spiegelman

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In Maus, on what page is the relationship between Art Spiegelman and his father described?

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Descriptions of Vladek and Artie's relationship can be discovered directly and indirectly throughout Spiegelman's Maus. For most stories, especially in graphic novels such as this, indirect descriptions are mostly found through interactions among characters and in pictures. For example, Artie is easily frustrated with his father's compulsive hoarding and control tactics whenever he interacts with Vladek. The reader may infer that there is a lack of patience on Artie's part due to possible relationship issues from his past. Upon further reading, many family issues surrounding painful memories are causes for this dysfunctional relationship. As a result, Artie doesn't visit his father unless Vladek needs help with something important, such as health issues, or when Artie needs more information for the book he is writing.

More direct descriptions of this father-son relationship are seen when Artie discusses his father with his girlfriend, Francoise. For example, when the couple is driving to...

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