In Maurice Kenny's "Legacy", what is the poem about?

epollock | Student

The poem asserts its main article of faith—that the speaker is united with nature and identical with it—through paradoxical and apparently contradictory statements. Thus the speaker states that he is of course himself, but that his face is the color of April rain, which would, in fact, make him literally invisible. The idea here seems to be that he is part of an identity that is greater than he himself can claim. So also is the idea that his limbs are his own, but they are also the same as the limbs of birch trees. More notably, in lines 22–34 the speaker emphasizes that his purpose in life is identical with the purpose of the meadow and the sky. Paradoxically, they provide purpose for his daily existence, for they have given him birth. Also, it is to the meadow and sky that he will eventually return.