Justify the following statement in regards to The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse:  "Mourad showed a special concern for animals."

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Mourad does show an unusual capacity to understand animals.  This moves into the realm of concern for them.  Mourad cares for the bird whose wing is broken and shows a unique understanding for the horse.  The dogs that belong to Byro do not bother Mourad and Aram because Mourad "has a way with dogs."  Part of this empathy and connection with animals might come from the fact that he and people do not immediately relate well.  Everyone considers him "crazy" and does not pay attention to him in a serious way.  His connection with animals helps to compensate for this, as the communication he has with animals is not tempered by the sense of judgment and stereotype that exists with humans.  Mourad shows a special connection with animals because he lacks this with human beings.  Saroyan seeks to make his character one that gains a complexity and depth with his interactions with animals.  It is with this that Mourad is able to display a special concern for animals because of his special connection to them.

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