Gathering Blue Questions and Answers
by Lois Lowry

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Matt saves six items for Kira before her cott burns. What are those six items? 

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When Kira is in the field to deal with the death of her mother, Kira's cott burns down. Matt, a young boy from town, is able to save a few items from the fire. It is not clear who set the fire in her cott. Matt doesn't tell Kira that he has her belongings until he knows that she will continue to live. This is because after Kira returns, a woman in town believes that Kira should be taken to the field to die because she is useless because of her disabled leg. After Kira is given a new job and allowed to live, Matt brings along the items that he saved from Kira's cott. These items include:

  1. Kira's threading frame
  2. Dried herbs in a basket
  3. "Some chunky tubers" (a type of food)
  4. Her mother's shawl
  5. Her mother's skirt
  6. Her mother's pendant 
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