If Matilda and Miss Honey are the protagonists in the book, what are their goals?

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efriended by Miss Honey, Matilda later proves to her that she made the glass move. Miss Honey confides in Matilda that Miss Trunchbull is actually her aunt, who took over her father's home and abused her after her father, Magnus, supposedly killed himself. Miss Honey was able to escape, though is still as dominated by the Trunchbull's tyranny as the children at school are. Matilda intends to resolve this by working on her new found powers. Matilda "haunts" Miss Trunchbull's classroom as Magnus' ghost, focusing her eyes on the chalk, and writes a threatening message for the Trunchbull on the blackboard that tells her to give Miss Honey back her home and money and leave for good. A terrified Trunchbull does so, never to be seen again.
Matilda visits Miss Honey in her new home often, but returns to her parents one afternoon to find them packing everything they have into the car, as the police have apparently discovered some of Mr. Wormwood's covert illegal activity and now the whole family is moving to Spain to escape the punishment. Miss Honey appears with Matilda and confronts the Wormwoods. Matilda begs her parents to let her stay with Miss Honey, which they do so without a second glance back at her.
It is clear that Matilda will have a better life with Miss Honey. She eventually discovers that she cannot use her powers anymore and Miss Honey suggests that she no longer has the mental resources to move objects with her mind, since all of her mental energy is focused on schoolwork.

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