Mathswhat is brain based learning? b)what do you understand by brain-based learning?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Brain Based learning is a theory that learning should be based on the structure and function of the brain.  If one doesn’t do anything to interfere with the brain’s natural abilities then learning is possible.  Everyone can and does learn.  We all have a brain that functions like a processor, but often various environments prohibit this biological processor to function properly.

The foundations of brain-based learning indicate that “The brain is a parallel processor, and it can perform several activities at once, like walking and talking.”  During the process of learning the whole physiology is engaged. Our desire to search for information is born within us.  Our desired and quest for the meaning of things comes through patterning and our emotions are critical to this pattering.  The brain is a wonderful machine and can process several types of information simultaneously.  Learning as the brain knows it involves focused attention and peripheral perception, conscious and unconscious processing as well as using spatial and rote memory. The three instructional techniques associated with brain-based learning are:

“Orchestrated immersion–Creating learning environments that fully immerse students in an educational experience

Relaxed alertness–Trying to eliminate fear in learners, while maintaining a highly challenging environment

Active processing–Allowing the learner to consolidate and internalize information by actively processing it.”