math help pleasei need help in algebra

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What is the problem that you need help with?

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What question do you need help with. In algebra there are all sorts of items that can lead to answers. For example factoring is important such as Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple. There is also isolating a variable such as 2x+1=3, to figure what x is, simply isolate the variable x by moving 1 to the other side and dividing by 2 and you will have your answer. 

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there are all kinds of help techniques on here, and im sure we can help you if you share your problem with us, if you're still confused on anything and want to see a question worked, go to Patrickjmt's youtube channel or look him up on google he's great at explaining almost any kind of math, 

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If you have problem in algebra, go to the follwing website:

It will explain to you what algebra is, what it can do for you, and why it is important.  The videos are very enjoyable to watch (as much as any subjects can), and they are very concise and short. They should help you out tremendously.

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Algebra is a normal mathematics where we use symbols .The symbols may be the alphabets that represent an apparently unknown value to be determined.The symbols may be used along with numbers. The symbols may stand for the characteristics representing a mathematical relationship.

The rules and logics are the  same as that of arithmetics that apply in algebra.

One of the basic difficulty a child faces is something like:

5+3=8 in arithmetic. But why not with with 5x+3y in algebra.But if I say to add 5 monkeys and 3 mango trees,

one child  says , "not possible" ,

a second child says," It cannot be 8 mokeys or it cannot be 8 mango trees"  and

the third one says to dare me, " Uncle! it looks extremely funny you do not know what to add or what not to. You are too old and refresh your knoweledge joining Kindergarten" .

But in algebra it is possible to say like:

If you add 5mokeys and 3mango trees you get,

5monkeys+5mango trees.

Or 5x+3y,

where x stands for a monkey and y stands for a mango tree.

Last but not least, I request the young minds to be happy, friendly and curious about mathemetics and particularly algebra and never to hate it. Then only it( or any subject) will be easy.


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try out this for the basic algebra help