Math Grade 11, sinusoidal functions I need help answering the following questions: 1) Determine the equation of the graph in the form y=acos (bx) The graph would not post here, so please go to this link and you will see the graph posted directly there: Please answer both questions, i really need help with both.

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From the link, we see that the graph has an amplitude of 3, it has half a cycle in 90 degrees and it starts the cosine graph at 135 degrees.

Since the horizontal compression of a sine or cosine graph is `k=360/T` , where T is the period of the graph, this means that with half a cycle in 90 degrees, the full cycle is 180 degrees.


Finally, the horizontal shift of the graph is 135 degrees.  This can now be combined into a single function:


The equation of the graph is `y=3cos(2(x-135))` .

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