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math equation Solve for y 11 sin^2y = 13-sin^2y y is in the interval (0,2pi)

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We have to solve for y in the interval(0 , 2*pi) if : 11*(sin y)^2 = 13  -...

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giorgiana1976 | Student

11 (sin y)^2 + (sin y)^2 = 13

12 (sin y)^2 =13

We'll divide by 12:

(sin y)^2 = 13/12

sin y = sqrt (13/12)

We notice that sqrt (13/12)>1 and -sqrt (13/12) < -1, that is impossible since the values of sine function cannot be larger than 1 and lower than -1.

Therefore, the equation has no solution.

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