A material is said to be ductile if ___?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A material is said to be ductile if it can be drawn into wires. Metals, for example, are very ductile as compared to non-metals. These wires are generally used for conducting electricity. Some examples of material conductivity in our daily lives are copper wires, aluminum wires, gold and silver chain, etc. We commonly use copper wires for electrical wiring in our homes. Gold and silver wires are very commonly used for ornamental purposes.

A related property is the malleability, which is often confused with ductility. Malleable materials can be beaten into sheets. Some examples of malleable materials are iron, silver, copper, etc. Iron sheets are used for various metal works. Thin silver sheets are used in some food preparations. 

Metals exhibit both malleability and ductility, as can be seen from above examples.

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