Did I match these choices about education and academic success correctly? I rechecked them but am still unsure as to whether some are mixed up. 

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It is interesting that the first item on your list refers to commitment and stresses that attendance at a course is paramount to success.  In checking whether you have matched the correct descriptions with the appropriate responses, you should choose the combination which fits best. This is why you may be having some doubts as combinations may not all be perfect but they are the most appropriate for the choices given. Some are more obvious than others and should be handled first so as to minimize any anomalies.  Putting the first point with D, the second choice with I and the third with A makes sense. The fourth choice (with H) is correct and the key words will help you confirm this. For example, although number 4 does not refer specifically to two and four-week intervals, it can be sufficiently interpreted to allow for this as it refers to "a period of time." 

Point 5 discusses a "schedule of classes" and therefore appears to be the best fit, especially based on other choices. Point 6 also relies on the context and earning a score of 70% on a relevant test would provide assurance that you understand the definitions of academic integrity (and would therefore recognize violations). Therefore, your choice is correct and 6 goes with J.

Point 7 refers to student support services (B is an appropriate choice) and point 8 refers to "main activities" (such as clubs) and reporting those activities could take the form of a one-page summary, making your choice of G a good choice. 

Psychometric tests measure a candidate's suitability for something and so point 9 works well with adapting your style to the appropriate "academic discipline."For number 10, only F is left but a "global " citizen could be a government, citizen or organization which means that it is the best choice anyway.

Well done! 

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