Is mass marketing a viable way to grow a brand? 

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mass marketing techniques are designed to reach the entire market without paying attention to market segments. Marketers have traditionally used television, radio, and newspapers in their mass marketing campaigns with the aim of converting a fraction of the entire market to buying customers.

Mass marketing is a viable brand development strategy depending on the type of product or service being handled. Some of the biggest brands known today such as Nike and Ford are as a result of effective mass marketing campaigns. Mass marketing has been employed in product launches because of its wide reach capability. The market, and more specifically potential customers, are instantly informed of the product’s existence and some of its features. The same mass marketing campaigns are later used to protect the product’s market share.

To date, Coca-Cola continues to run mass marketing campaigns throughout the world as part of their market share protection strategy in the beverages industry. Thus, mass marketing is not only viable in brand development but is also important in protecting the acquired brand value and market share.