Is mass marketing dead or alive? Can you help me locate a scholarly paper about whether mass marketing is dead or alive?

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There are two questions being asked here. Yes, I can help you locate a scholarly article that focuses on various types of marketing strategies. Try using Google Scholar to search for "mass marketing." A valuable piece of information found on this page is information about how many times a particular article has been cited. On the left-hand navigation, you can also specify date ranges for the article search. This will help narrow the search down to the most recent articles.

You are not likely to find an article that exactly addresses your question. You need to decide if you think mass marketing is alive and well or dying and/or dead. You will use the scholarly articles to support your argument and discredit the opposite opinion. Personally, I would tend to side with the argument that mass marketing is still doing just fine. If it wasn't, then companies wouldn't spend millions of dollars just to get their advertisement to show during a Super Bowl game.

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Some of the sources linked below might be helpful to you! While none of them explicitly ask and answer the question "is mass marketing alive or dead," they all discuss contemporary marketing and the relationship between mass marketing and other types of marketing in the context of our society post-2010. 

Reading over these, the most common conclusion seems to be that, while mass marketing may not be dead, the internet has led to it fading in popularity as targeted and relationship-based marketing have become more prominent. With the internet, businesses can pinpoint their most likely customer bases instead of trying to sell to everyone. Additionally, social media means many businesses, even big-box chains, use platforms like Twitter and Facebook to build relationships with their customers.

There are many businesses still using mass marketing, but this is now considered "traditional" marketing. Most successful businesses, if they do use mass marketing, are combining it with these more targeted and individualized forms of marketing by cultivating their web presence. 

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