The mass of a bobcat is one-fifth the mass of an Arctic Wolf. Their combined mass is 48kg. What is the mass of the bobcat? The arctic Wolf?

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Let the mass of a Bobcat be B.

Let the mass of an Arctic wolf be A.

Given that the mass for both is 48 kg.

==> A + B = 48 ................(1)

But we are also given that the mass of B is 1/5 of the mass of A.

==> B = 1/5 * A................(2)

Now we will solve the system by substituting (2) into (1).

==> A + (1/5 * A) = 48

==> (6/5)*A = 48

We will multiply by 5/6

==> A = 48 * 5/6 = 40

==> B = 1/5 * 40 = 8

Then, the mass of the Bobcat is 8 kg.

The mass of the Arctic Wolf is 40 kg.

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The answer to this question is that the Arctic Wolf is 40 kg. and the bobcat is 8 kg. You can set up the equation as 1/5 X + X =48kg. Next, multiply 1/5 X by 5 to make it a whole number, or X. Multiply X by 5 also and then add X +5X together which becomes 6X.  Then, rewrite the equation as 6X=48kg. Divide both sides by 6 and you arrive at X = 8 kg. Therefore, if the bobcat is X and the Arctic Wolf is 5X, then the bobcat is 8kg and the Arctic wolf is 5(8kg) or 40kg.

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