The mass of 560 cm3 of a gas at 0 ˚C and 1 atm is 1.60 g.Which gas could it be?(A) O2 (B) CO2 (C) SO2 (D) Cl2

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`0^o` C and 1 atm refers to standard temperature and pressure, STP.

At STP, 22.4 L contains 1 mole of any ideal gas.

Hence, `560` `cm^3` =` 0.56 L` contains `0.56/22.4` moles = `0.025` moles.

Mass of the sample is 1.60 g.

No. of moles of the sample=0.025

Thus, molar mass of the given sample=`1.60/0.025` = `64` g/mol.

This molar mass matches with the molar mass of `SO_2` i.e

`32 + 2*16` = `64` g/mol.

Therefore, the correct answer is option c).

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