In "The Masque of the Red Death", how do Prince Prospero and his friend try to escape? What kind of life do they lead in their separate world?

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In The Masque of the Red Death, Prince Prospero gathers one thousand of his friends and flees with them to an abbey—and not just a regular abbey, but one that has battlements and protections against anyone (or anything) that might try to get to them while they are inside. It is also protected by a large wall with iron gates, which the guests weld shut so that they cannot get out, should they suffer from cabin fever. It was also filled with ample supplies; that way they would not have to leave and no one would have to come—thus minimizing their chance at being infected by the disease.

Inside the abbey, the prince had provided his guests entertainment in the form of jesters, comics, dancers, music, and wine. He also threw the masque that is the focus of this story: a masquerade ball of “the most unusual magnificence”. So, while his people were being terrorized by the fatal plague, he and his friends were living a life of blissful luxury, sequestered away from the Red Death.