If Marx were alive today, what might he think about increasing globalization and the concepts of surplus value and exploitation of the working class?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If he were alive today, Marx would probably think that the working class is being exploited even more than it was in his time.  He might think that globalization was creating even more surplus value that was being taken by the bourgeoisie and denied to the proletarians.

Globalization has, it can be argued, allowed people in factories all over the world to be creating more value.  People in China, for example, create things like iPads that are sold all over the world, not just in one country or one region.  In this way, these workers are creating much more value relative to what they are being paid.  Marx would say that they are being exploited because they are not receiving all of that value.

Marx would also think that the oppression of the working class is becoming more widespread.  People in the rich countries, he would say, are no longer simply oppressing their own working class.  Instead, they are oppressing the working classes of many other countries as well.  Marx would likely think that the spread of global capitalism is a very bad thing for workers.

nandusocio | Student

if marx were alive today, he might thik about globalization that globalization process make a global working class, and this class divided in many sub classess, all sub classess have different economical status and these sub classess have startification so holistic working class is scattered and do not have class conciousness. globalization make global village and one world but actually it make differencess in working class and surplus value divided in industrislists and government. working class plunged with self sub classess, they are not thinking about exploitation. one man who born in india and work in american industry with good salary than he thought that he is upper from who working in india, but in reality both are in working class. globalization make ''brand startification''. if any person use branded things he thought he is upper than others. so every member of this global working class becoming mad by industrialists and government, so working class could not think about surplus value and exploitation.

so globalization have divided working class with marketing, brands, economicly differencess and working class is loss union power, and marx revolution is cooled.