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I need more information about Martin Luther King, Jr. that deals with politics in the 1960s.

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Based on what I am seeing in your paragraph it seems like you are trying to summarize the notable achievements of Martin Luther King Jr.  Here are several notable achievements Dr. King is remembered for.

1. Montgomery Bus Boycott:

After Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat at the front of a public bus, Dr. King and Edgar Nixon implement a bus boycott.  The boycott that took over a year to effect change (385 days) led to the bombing of MLK's house and the desegregation of Montgomery public buses, as decided in Browder vs. Gayle.

2. Creation of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference:

This organization was created and led by Dr. King. It promoted non-violent protest among African American churches against Jim Crow laws and inequality.  Examples of events where the SCLC used non-violent protest was in Albany, Georgia; Selma, Alabama (made famous by the film Selma); and the Birmingham campaign.

If you would like more information on Dr. King, I suggest you use the website I cited below.  It is a more detailed source.

Good luck!

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