In "The Martian Chronicles," what are three reasons earthlings were dissatisfied with life on earth?  Give details supporting your answers.

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In the chapter :March 2000 "The Taxpayer"  a man walks to the rocket field and begins to yell through the fence that he wants to go to Mars.  He keeps saying he is a taxpayer, he is from Ohio and he has a right to go to Mars.  He and many others wanted to "get away from wars and censorship and statism and conscription and government controls of this and that, of art and science!"  He continues to yell and scream and as the men walk out to the rocket he yells, "Wait for me," he cried.  "Don't leave me here on this terrible world, I've got to get away; there's going to be an atom war! Don't leave me on Earth!"

It is important to understand that the themes of war, government control, censorship and conscription were and still are very important subjects in all of Bradbury's works.