In Martel's Life of Pi, how does writing a diary help Pi Patel build on his leadership skills?    

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I think for this answer, we should look at Pi's mention of the journal at the end of chapter 73. It is here that Pi tells his readers that he kept a journal, and he then informs readers about what he wrote about in the journal.

The next thing to consider regarding the question is about the "leadership skills" portion. There are all kinds of leaders that exist, and different leaders exhibit different strengths and weaknesses. For me, a good leader is someone that is capable of inspiring people to follow him or her, but that is not my only qualification for a good leader. Personally, I think an equally or more important skill set is the leader's ability to problem solve. If the leader is inspiring but can't solve problems, then those inspirational talks lose a lot of power very quickly. People look to leaders to help them out of sticky situations. They expect leaders to be able to view problems differently and come up with unique solutions.

Pi admits that he used his journal to practice...

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