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Martel, Writers, and developing news I've read some of Martel's stuff and it's good. On a serious note, I've run across some tragic information in the American press that is developing as news in the strangest fashion. Since this forum is for writers, I thought I'd present it. The USA Today reported 40,000 dead unidentified bodies in the morgues of the country! It should have been Woodward/Bernstein stuff, but it hasn't been reported much for three years. Now ABC is making a TV show ("The Forgotten") based on these facts! I don't mean to "spam" you; if you want more info contact me. Jacques Berkeley (unaffiliated with ABC)

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I am not certain as what could be said with such a report.  I think it speaks for itself.  Indeed, television modeling reality and the latter modeling more of the former has become a staple of popular culture of the modern setting.  I am not even sure if one can say that it is "good" or "bad" as much as it what it is.  I think it's slightly bizarre, but it seems that this is passing what constitutes as "entertainment."

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