Marriage is time pass for Touchstone,according to act 3 ,scene 3,comment on touchstone..(150 WORDS)

natashajain6 | Student

The answer to this question is a bit controversial because it is not known by us whether touchstone really wants to marry Audrey or not.May be Touchstone wants to marry Audrey but he is showing that he is doing a favour for her by getting married to her but actually he himself want to marry her.

But in accordance with act 3 scene 3,No,because as we know the nature of Touchstone is to show himself to be superior from others. So he is showing that he is doing a great favour on her by marring Audrey as no one other man would marry her.But we come to know that Audrey is not as miserable as Touchstone explains her to be because we find some people like William interested in Audrey although she is a simple lady.Perhaps it may be that Touchstone himself is proud as he was in the Court but now when he is marrying a lady who lives in the country he feels that it is beyond dignity to do this he says that he is doing a favour to Audrey.Moreover by saying so he would also get a respect from the other courtiers.

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